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Turbo Clubs: No More Club Webpages (except us) - Everybody's on Facebook

Australian CX Turbo Club

German CX Turbo IG Club

Honda First (Dutch) Turbo Club

Norwegian CX Turbo Klubb

Japanese CX Turbo Club

U.K. Honda Turbo Association

Turbo Websites: 


Lorcan's Kawasaki Turbo Page

Robert Mitchell's XN85 Turbo Site

Brian's Seca Site
Vince's Seca Turbo Page

Wild Goose! Jim's Modified Yamaha Turbo

Turbo Forums:

750 Turbo Forum

Adventure Rider Forum

Australian and U.K. CX Clubs
Chopper Charles (CX)
GS Resources Forum

VJMC Forum
XJ Bikes

Websites With Turbos:


(More) Auto Speed
Backroad Bob's Website
Barber Motorcycle Museum
CX500T Photos
CX500T Review and Photos
CX650T Photos

How Stuff Works (CX650T)
Motorcycle Review (Kawasaki 750 Turbo)
Motorcycle Specifications (Honda CX650T)
Motorcyclist Magazine
Real Classics (U.K.)

Steve Klose's Saddlebums (Touring the Lower Hudson Valley)
Suzuki Cycles
Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club
XJ 650 Club (German)
XJ 650 Photo Gallery
XN85 Photos
Yamaha Turbo (Review)
Z1R-TC Photos (and Review)

Turbo Video:

500 BHP Turbo Hayabusa
Japanese CX Turbo Club on YouTube
ZIR-TC Video
Search YouTube , Facebook, and MySpace (if you have too much time on your hands)

Turbo Parts, Repairs, and Reprints :

AA Cycle Products (custom machining)
AFE Graphics
(graphics kits)

Big CC Racing
Bike Bandit
Blaylock Turbo


Motorcycle Superstore (parts)
Motorbike Search (U.K.)

Mr. Turbo

Orient Express Racing

RaceTech Suspension

RB Racing

Sargent Cycle (seats)

Turbo Motorcycle Parts
Turbo Motorcycle Parts Micro Fiche

Turbo Power (Turbocharger repairs)
Turbo Smart
(Australian wastegate regulators)
U Need A Part

Motorcycle Roads:

Back of the Dragon
Blue Ridge Parkway (the greatest motorcycle road)
Open Road Journeys

Pacific Coast Highway

South West Virginia
Tail of the Dragon

Manufacturers :

Honda - U.S.
Honda - Canada
Honda - U.K.
Honda - France

Kawasaki - U.S.

Kawasaki - Canada

Kawasaki - U.K.

Kawasaki - France
Suzuki - U.S.
Suzuki - Canada
Suzuki - U.K.
Yamaha - U.S.
Yamaha - Canada

Yamaha - Europe

* TMIOA makes no endorsements as to the business or any other practices of these wehsites

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