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Contained on these pages is perhaps the most useful, comprehensive, practical, clearly written information on servicing factory turbocharged motorcycles to be found anywhere.

This information contains what no factory service manual can possibly hope to include - years of hands-on experience in servicing these bikes by owners, riders and mechanics.

Thanks to every turbo enthusiast who contributed to these pages.

If you've found this information to be helpful, please consider making a merchandise purchase from the TMIOA so we may continue to maintain our website and provide updates.

        Race Tech Suspension for Factory Turbos
                At Turbo Rally XX (2010) Race Tech's Matt Wiley showed up on a Race Tech-equipped 1983 Yamaha Turbo that was immaculate (see the Rally write-up). The suspension work may have been more valuable than the entire bike, but Matt says it's worth every penny. He's owned his Yamaha Turbo for only two years, but put 25,000 miles on it so you can bet he knows what he's talking about. Matt kindly offered the TMIOA a 20% discount on fork parts and a 10% discount on shock parts and labor. Matt has suspension upgrades for all the Turbos, so check Race Tech's Vintage Street pages. Contact Matt at: mwiley@RaceTech.com .

Kaw Turbo Guru Mike Chestnut at Turbo Rally XII (2001) - Staunton, VA

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