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Turbo News was the newsletter of the Turbo Motorcycle International Owners Association. It was published from 1987-2003 and included 51 issues (semi-annually 1987-1992 then quarterly 1992-2003). Turbo News is filled with members' insights, classified ads, hard-to-find turbo article reprints and, most importantly, helpful technical information on factory turbo bikes that simply cannot be found anywhere else. Turbo News averages about 35 pages an issue (contents of each detailed below). When ordering back issues keep in mind that newsletters #1-17 were produced before desktop publishing, so quality is only marginal. The price of Turbo News covers our cost in reproducing, labeling, and mailing the newsletter, maintaining the website, and hosting Turbo Rallies.

Compilation CDs : Three versions - a compilation CD of all 51 issues (1987-2003) of Turbo News in PDF plus bonus dyno charts and graphs on a single CD for $25, a compilation of Turbo News #1-24 (1987-1996), and a compilation of Turbo News #25-51 (1997-2003).


Turbo News #1-51 (1987-2003) CD - $25

Turbo News #1-24 (1987-1996) CD - $15

Turbo News #25-51 (1997-2003) CD - $15

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MARCH 1987 Introduction and Welcome · TURBO owners' profile · Reported frame numbers (VIN) · Dealers providing satisfactory service · Reported frequent repairs · Questions that need answering · For Sale/Wanted · Start-up procedure after new turbo installation is critical: here's how to do it · TURBO sales brochures · IHI turbocharger compressor maps · Owners' letters with maintenance tips · High-power headlight installation on CX Turbo · CX500TC letters and comments · Honda CX650 Turbo review reprints (Cycle Guide, 3/83, Motorcyclist, 7/83)


JUNE 1987 Introduction, update and issues · For Sale/Wanted · Borg Warner (IHI) High Performance Mini-Turbochargers, RHB5, RHB6, RHB7 and RHB8 · Honda CX650 Turbo: Fast, Flashy But Flawed (reprint from unknown British magazine, 1983) · The Six Million Dollar Motorcycle: Honda CX500 Turbo (reprint of Cycle Guide Honda Prototype Turbo review, 1/81) · Dealers providing TURBO service · Owners' letters with maintenance tips · Honda CX500 Turbo (reprint of Car & Driver review, 5/82)


DECEMBER 1987 Introduction, update and issues · For Sale/Wanted · Owners' letters with maintenance and performance tips · Some answers to CX Turbo questions posed in Issue #1 · Synthetic lubricants · Copy of CX650T Sales Brochure · Honda CX500T Turbo: Expanding the Envelope (reprint from Motorcyclist, 10/81) · Inside Honda R&D: A Tour of Motorcycling's Future? (reprint from Motorcyclist, 1/81)


JUNE 1988 Introduction, update, and issues · For Sale/Wanted · Owners' letters with maintenance tips · CX Turbo starter motor, charging system and performance improvement analysis · Comparing Kawasaki 750 Turbo to Honda CX650 Turbo · Mounting Metzeler ME88s on a CX650 Turbo · Installing grease fittings in the rear suspension linkage, pivot points of a CX650 Turbo · Honda CX500 Turbo (reprint from Cycle World review, 10/81) · Battle of the Boost Bikes: CX500 Turbo vs. Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo (reprint from Motorcyclist, 7/82) · Honda CX650T, Suzuki XN85D and Yamaha XJ650LK specifications comparison (reprint from Cycle Guide, 3/83)


DECEMBER 1988 Introduction, update and issues · For Sale/Wanted · Original CX500 Turbo Promotion Booklet · CX500 Turbo Technical Quiz and answers · Turbocharging: Where It Stands (reprint from Cycle, 4/81) · Impressions: Yamaha Turbo and 550 Vision (reprint from Motorcyclist, 2/82) · Owners letters with maintenance tips


JUNE 1989 Introduction, update and issues · For Sale/Wanted · Original dealer release letter of the 1982 CX500TC from American Honda · Honda Service Tools Newsletter (CX Turbos) · Symptom/Solution chart for Honda CX Turbos · Owners' letters with maintenance tips · The Selling of Turbocharging: A Look Into A High-Pressure Market (reprint of Cycle Guide, 1981) · Kawasaki Z1R Turbo: The Ex-King Gets Boosted Back Onto The Throne (reprint of Motorcyclist review, 8/78)


JANUARY 1990 Introduction, update and issues · For Sale/Wanted · Soichiro Honda's Simple Rules for Life Cycling (Commencement Address) May 18, 1974 · RB Racing Los Angeles (turbocharging kits for GSXR1100, FZR1000R, ZX10, V-Max) · Turbocharger failure analysis · Turbocharging Glossary · Long-term Report: 11,000 miles with Yamaha's 650 Seca Turbo (reprint of unknown magazine, 7/83, contains info about safely disengaging turbo wastegate for big performance gain) · Suzuki XN85D Turbo (reprint of Cycle Buyer's Guide review, 1983) · Riding Impression: Honda CXT500 (reprint of Tour Bike review, 11/81) · American Turbo-Pak Kit for 500cc (4 cylinder) and 750cc Hondas · Blake Engineering Kawasaki 900 Turbo Kit · Pre-production mini-reviews of Suzuki XN85 and Kawasaki 750 Turbos · Owners' letters with maintenance tips


DECEMBER 1991 Special Edition of the newly reorganized Association · Welcome and Introduction · For Sale/Wanted Member letters, tips, & info. · CX Turbo Stator Help · Turbocharger Checks and Repairs · Painting Tips/Codes · Honda CX500 Turbo: Pushrods Under Pressure (reprint from Cycle Canada, 10/81) Article, "1/6 Scale Honda CX500 Turbo" (Tamiya Model Magazine) · Turbo Touring on the CX500 Turbo and Yamaha Seca 650 Turbo (reprint from Rider, 11/82) · Rally Registration & Renewal


MARCH 1992 "New" CX650Ts from schools: "Beware" · Understanding Honda and Kawasaki boost indicators · For Sale/Wanted · New Business (Logos, Annual Dues, Name Change) · Directory update · Member letters and tips · Feature Member Profiles · Performance tricks for CXTs: raising boost pressure and enrichening fuel · British enthusiast magazines listing and order form · Rally Registration.


JUNE 1992 Introduction · For Sale/Wanted · Directory update · Member profile · Letters from members · Increasing boost pressure on factory Turbos · The comprehensive analysis of the CX Turbo stator/electrical system


SEPTEMBER 1992 Introduction · For Sale/Wanted · Membership Update · HRCA letter · Member Profile · Who Am I? (reprint of CX500 Turbo review from Japanese Classics magazine, 5/92 · Member Letters · DYNOJET Printouts for CX500T and CX650T · Grace Under Pressure (reprint of Cycle Canada review on Kawasaki 750 Turbo, 1/84)


DECEMBER 1992 Introduction · Notes of Interest · Membership Update · For Sale/Wanted · Willie's Cycle CXT stator rewind evaluation · Honda Turbo Rubber Stamps · High Mileage XJ650L Turbo Owner Report · High Mileage CX650 Turbo Report · Honda Turbo Tips & Trivia · Member Letters · Member Profile · Collector value of the CX Turbos · Battery Tips · Plans for CXT Luggage Rack · Questions that Need Answers Answered · Valve Guide Reaming (reprint of Motorcyclist, 2/81) · Dressing-Up Honda Turbo Oil Filter Covers · The Hottest 500 On The Block (reprint from Road Rider review of CX500 Turbo, 4/82)


MARCH 1993 Introduction · Membership Update · For Sale/Wanted · Rear Brake Caliper Alert, CX Turbos · Member Letters · 50,000 Miles with the Yamaha Turbo, Part I · Member Profile · Racing the CX650T Turbo · Making an "Idiot Light" indicator for early detection of Honda CXT turbo failure · Lightning Strikes: Test of Suzuki XN85 (reprint of Cycle Canada review, 1/83) · Turbo Notes on a high mileage CX500T · CX Turbo stator failure discussion


JUNE 1993 Introduction · For Sale/Wanted · Membership Update · Rebuild Kits for Honda Turbos · 50,000 Miles with the Yamaha Turbo, Part II · Horsepower Unlimited GPz750 Turbo High Performance Parts List · Suzuki's Artful Dodger (reprint from Cycle Canada review on Suzuki XN85 Turbo, 6/82) · Boosting Mr. Milquetoast To Mr. Monster (reprint of Cycle World review of Kawasaki 750 Turbo, 3/84)


SEPTEMBER 1993 Introduction · For Sale/Wanted · Members letters · Solenoid repair kit instructions for Honda Turbos · Rally in the Valley Photo Album Rally report · CX650T brochure reprint · Yamaha XJ650L brochure reprint · 50,000 miles on a Yamaha XJ650L Turbo, Part III · Dyno report from Shenk Honda; CX650T, XJ650L and ZX750E · Suzuki XN85D brochure reprint


DECEMBER 1993 Introduction · For Sale/Wanted · Top Ten Maintenance Tips: Kawasaki ZX750E Turbo · TMIOA ride with CBX owners and HSTA · Dyno run: CX500T, CX650T, XJ650L, ZX750E · 50,000 miles on a Yamaha Turbo, Part 4 · TMIOA goes Hawaiian · Order your Turbo Bike stamps · Honda CX650T Turbo (reprint of Cycle review, 10/83 · High-Speed Shoot-out: CX500T vs. XJ650L (reprint of Cycle Canada, 8/92) · Member letters


MARCH 1994 Introduction · For Sale/Wanted · Members letters · BMW R65 Turbo article (reprint from BMW MOA newsletter, 11/93) · ZX750 Turbo (reprint from Cycle Guide review, 7/83) · Small-Bore, Blown And Beautiful: Riding Honda's CX500 Turbo (reprint from Popular Mechanics review, 11/81) · Suzuki XN85D Turbo (reprint of Cycle review, 12/82) · TMIOA rally registration form


MARCH 1995 First issue of newly reorganized club · "We're back!" intro by Bob Miller and Steve Klose · Turbos in the Poconos Rally news · Announcement of Motorcyclist intentions to attend Rally · 70,000 miles on a Yamaha Turbo (Bob Miller) · "Saved from the Junk Yard" Suzuki Turbo rehab story (Steve Klose) · "Exciting? You Bet!" Z1R Turbo owner's story (Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics, Jan. '94) · ZX750 Turbo retrospective (Sport Rider, Feb. '95) · Photos of previous Rallies · See-through illustration of Suzuki XN85D Turbo · Letters · Classifieds


JULY 1995 An update on the TMIOA by Bob Miller · "Looking for Lost Members," a message from Arlie Rauch · "Parc," a retrospective article on all the factory Turbos, reprinted from BIKE magazine, May '95 · Cycle magazine CX500T reprint, July '82 · "J.D.'s Excellent Adventure," (member J.D. Whitaker enters the California 24 Hour Rally on a CX650T) · Sport Rider retrospective on the XN85, reprinted from August '95 · Letters · Classifieds


NOVEMBER 1995 "Turboville" reprint from Motorcyclist, Nov. '95, a review of the factory Turbos and of the TMIOA Pocono Rally · Gordon Jennings on the factory Turbos (reprinted from Motorcyclist, Nov. '95) · Horsepower Unlimited catalog - over 80 performance mods for the Kawasaki 750 Turbo · Suzuki XN85 Turbo Service Seminar, Part I (Development Concept, Turbocharging Basics, Design Differences with GS650, Lubrication System) · Product Review: ZX750E Turbo Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator (a cure for off-idle stumbling) · "Back to the Future," a review of Turbos in the Poconos by David Walsh (reprinted from American Roadracing magazine) Ramblin' Ron Graf addresses various CX Turbo ills in our letters column · Member's Collection: Troy Davis of North Carolina (photo layout) · German "Bilstein" Rally review (two photos showing 35 Honda CX Turbos) Where to find good Turbo service · Letters · Classifieds


JANUARY 1996 More photos from "Turbo in the Poconos" Rally · Suzuki XN85 Turbo Technical Seminar, Part II: Fuel Delivery System, Electronic Fuel Injection, Glossary of Terms, Air Volume Measurement, Additional F.I. Sensors, Circuit Opening Relay, High Altitude Compensator, Throttle Position Sensor, Injection Timing · Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo Seca (reprint of Cycle review, 8/82) · Substitutions for CX Turbo stators: Honda's answer · Turbo Nutter (reprint of customized "naked" ZX750 Turbo article from AWOL, a British magazine, fall '95 · Write a Turbo story/Take a Turbo photo contest · Letter from the Honda First Turbo Club of The Netherlands · Additions to Membership Directory · Letters · Classifieds


APRIL 1996 Complete "Rally in the Valley V" information · The Dutch are Coming!: Itinerary of The Honda First Turbo Club of the Netherlands visit to the U.S. · Suzuki XN85 Service Seminar Part III: Injection Timing and Troubleshooting · The Evolution of the BMW Turbo bike, by Jon Adams · Factory Turbo Prototypes: What might have been · Member's Photo Album · The last word on the ill-fated Moto Morini 500 Turbo · More additions to Membership Directory · Letters · Classifieds


JULY 1996 "Wet 'n' Wild:" A report on Turbo Rally V in Staunton, VA (our largest ever!) · "A Tale of Two Turbos: Having one, lusting after another, and getting less than you bargained for" - a CX500T/Seca 650 Turbo short story by Tim Driscoll · Yamaha Turbo Troubleshooter's Guide (direct from Yamaha) · Member's Collection: Bruce Robinson's select 29 · Member e-mail index · Make plans now to tour Europe in '97 · Ram-air for the GPz Turbo: An idea from the factory that never made it to the market · Turbocharged BMW K-Bike · Exact figures on number of Suzuki XN85 Turbos produced - a letter from Japan by way of the Antwerp Turbo Cycle Owners solves the mystery · Letters · Classifieds


OCTOBER 1996 Colum-Boost Day Weekend Rally in Oklahoma · Horsepower Unlimited's 880cc, 230hp, 9.34 quarter-mile GPz Turbo (reprinted from Sport Rider, Oct. '96) · Member's Collection: Dennis Harrison's factory and aftermarket Turbo bikes · More photos from Rally in the Valley V · Turbocharger help from Mr. Turbo of Houston, TX · CX500 Turbo discount parts list · "They Shoot Turbos, Don't They?": A short CX650 Turbo story by Mike Abrams · Kawasaki GPz 750 Turbo Technical Training Manual, Part I · Make plans now for Mid-Ohio Turbo Rally in '97 · Photo and story contests winners · Rare XN85 Turbo show bike goes on the block in Germany · Letters · Classifieds


JANUARY 1997 "HELLRAISER", Kawasaki Z1R-TC Turbo review (reprinted from Super Bike magazine, September, 1992 · Kawasaki GPz750 Technical Training Manual, Part II · Make plans now for Turbo Rally VII in Ohio · Belgian Blowers: The XN85s of the Antwerp Turbo Cycle Owners · Ron Graf's Three Nation Odyssey: 18,000 miles on a CX500, Part I · Rearview: A report on Turbo Rally V by Cyndi Durrstein · Rally Review: Colum-Boost Day Rally in Oklahoma · Tales from the Internet: Solve the mystery of the CX500TC "Thumper" · Turbo-Tour Europe in '97 - make your plans now! · Seeking justice: follow-up to "A Tale of Two Turbos" by Tim Driscoll · CX500/CX650 Turbo production numbers (courtesy of Jeff Baker and the CX Turbo International Owners Association) · Letters · Classifieds


APRIL 1997 "Ultimate Parts-Bin Special," Customized Yamaha Seca Turbo (reprint from CYCLE WORLD, April 1991) · Ron Graf's 3-Nation Odyssey, 18,000 on a CX500, Part II · Turbo Ladedruck: What are the German CX Turbo owners up to now? (translation of German CX Turbo IG newsletter) · Suzuki Legends T-shirts featuring the XN85 · 1984 Kawasaki accessory catalog: reprint of optional accessories for the Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo · Mini-Features: British GPz 750 Turbo streetfighter, Turbocharged Kawasaki LTD1000 (picture and short paragraph on each) · Latest news on Turbo Rally VII: "Turbos in Ohio" with map of Mid-Ohio track area · Letters · Classifieds


SUMMER 1997 10th Anniversary issue (1987-1997) · Mid-Ohio Turbo Rally VII story and photo report · Brit magazine writer reports on his Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo (reprint from BIKE magazine, May, 1997) · Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo fuel injector maintenance tips · German CX Turbo IG Club report · TMIOA profile: Who we are · 74,500 miles on a Honda CX500 Turbo, by Colin Goodall · Make your plans now for the Texas Turbo Rally VIII, Colum-Boost Day weekend · Order your TMIOA movie: GPz750 Turbo being unveiled and track tested in Austria; Horsepower Unlimited GPz750 Turbo Wheelie War; CX500 Turbo TV commercial · Letters · Classifieds


FALL 1997 Turbocharger Rebuilding: Yamaha's Mitsubishi turbocharger (but good advice here for rebuilding all turbochargers), by Kirk Hogan from his Yamaha Turbo Web site · A Cure for Honda CX Turbo Stator Failures? Insulation is the key · Underbooster: Suzuki XN85 Turbo review and development analysis (reprint from Mechanics magazine, a British publication, April 1984 · Yamaha Turbo "Power-Up Kit" illustrated (from the Yamaha Turbo Web site of Bryan Maine) · Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo replacement oil sight window: a Kawasaki Service Bulletin from June 28, 1985 · More photos from our Mid-Ohio Rally · Kirk Hogan's Ya-moo-ha Turbo (from his Web site) · Honda CX500T and Yamaha XJ650L Turbo toys · Letters · Classifieds


WINTER 1997-1998 "The Little Turbo that Could," Daniel Ludwigsen and his CX650 Turbo Racebike: Competitive with more "modern" machinery in Vintage racing. Story and lots of photos · Lake George, NY, Rally News: Our 8th Rally will take place in the Empire State · Ken Bronde's "Secret Turbo Warehouse" · Southwest Turbo Rally plans underway · Kawasaki Z1RTC Turbo Brochure Reprint · Reprint of 1982 Fabergé cologne ad featuring Yamaha Turbo giveaway · Letters · Classifieds


SPRING 1998 Turbo Racebike Update - The latest on Daniel Ludwigsen and his CX650 Turbo racebike · Yamaha Seca Turbo "Power-Up" Kit illustrated - Direct from Yamaha, the original service bulletin outlining the procedure (with part number list!) · Hail Britannia! - Radical Kawasaki ZX750E1 Turbo from England · Get Hitched! - CX Turbo trailer hitch illustrated · RIDE's buyer advisory: avoid the Suzuki XN85 Turbo (reprinted from the British publication, Feb. '98) · Southwest Turbo Rally News · Tech-school CX650T's discovered in North Carolina (by Jeff Hood) · How to take on the motorcycle insurance companies - and win! (by Ron Graf) · Letters · Classifieds


SUMMER 1998 Rally Review: Braving the Weather at Turbo Rally 8 in Lake George, NY · Photo Essay: George Dillaway's Turbocharged Honda CBX · Where to get $70 replacement fuel pumps for Yamaha Seca Turbos · Short story: Turbo Strangelove - Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My CX650 Turbo · Arlie Rauch's Wild West Photo Album - a Turbo photo travelogue · Good news if you're thinking of buying a "school bike" · Museum review: "The Art of the Motorcycle" at the Guggenheim Museum in New York · Troy Davis' Turbo bikes in miniature · Grand Larceny: Yamaha XJ650LJ Turbo ­ Boosting the Charge, Blowing the Price (reprinted from Cycle magazine, October 1983) · Another CX Turbo stator fix ­ turn your internal alternator into an external generator (just don't let the bike idle too long) · Steve Smith's Purple Passion GPz750 Turbo garners more awards · Suzuki XN85 Turbo sneaks into Kawasaki Good Times magazine (photo reprint from Good Times, 1991) · Letters · Classifieds


FALL 1998 Pulled from the Future File: CX500 Turbo (13-page review reprint from Cycle Guide, September, 1981), Includes The Taming of Turbo, explaining Honda's approach in designing the Turbo · Electrex, USA: a new source for Turbo stators and rectifiers · Charging system basics · Turbocharged Suzuki Katana 1000 · XN85 notes from the U.K.: Watch for collapsed turbo intake pipe; where to get stainless-steel exhaust systems; airbox mod performance tip and analysis · Ludwigsen CX500 Turbo racebike returns to the track · Turbo Rally IX news (The Bryson City, NC, Blast!) · Letters · Classifieds


WINTER 1998-1999 Rally IX Preview: Bob Miller takes you through the best roads · The Tea Break Club: profile on Japan's CX Turbo owners club · Charging System Troubleshooting Guide (courtesy of Electrex, USA) · Honda VTR100F vs. CX650 Turbo: a TMIOA comparison road test by Kent Flanery · Product Review: XN85 turbocharger wastegate adjuster, the Secret Weapon · Jeff Hood reviews '98 Honda Hoot, a prelude to Rally IX in Bryson City, NC · Ride magazine "reviews" the Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo (reprinted from Ride magazine, May, 1998) · Letters · Classifieds


SPRING 1999 More Rally IX details · Honda CX500TC Turbo Fuel Injection/Turbocharger Technical Guide, Part 1 · World record holder in quarter mile - backwards - on a Z1RTC Turbo · How accurate is your speedometer ? Simple calibration method by Colin Goodall · Letters · Classifieds


SUMMER 1999 Bryson City Blast Turbo Rally Review · Long lost factory service bulletin on sticking XN85 Turbo wastegates (and how to un-stick them) found! · Honda CX500TC Turbo Fuel Injection/Turbocharger Technical Guide, Part 2 · XN85 Turbo German dealer survey w/ photo of pre-production bike · Letters · Classifieds


FALL 1999 "TMIOA Rally IX: Another View," a thousand miles to Bryson City and back, story and photos by Colin Goodall · Analyzing Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo throttle position sensors · Building a killer Yamaha XJ650LJ Seca Turbo, story by Jim Davis · Product Review: SureGuard battery/charging monitor · Where to get your parts "Black Chromed" · Update: Flight Products voltage meter · Honda CX500TC Turbo Fuel Injection/Turbocharger Technical Guide, Part 3 · Found! Another aftermarket Yamaha XJ650 Seca Turbo fuel pump · Letters · Classifieds


WINTER 1999 Final installment: Honda CX500TC fuel Injection/turbocharger Technical Guide, Part IV (F.I. schematic and cutaway illustrations) · Kawasaki Z1RTC Turbo owner's manual reprint · Bolognese Sauce: Development of the Moto Morini 500 Turbo (reprinted from BIKE magazine, 1982) · Rally details: TRX - New York; TRXI - California (our first west coast Rally!) · Return of the Munch Mammot Turbo (reprints form Motorcycle Consumer News, Feb. 2000, and Rider, March 2000) · Bob Miller Turbo Rally X preview · Found on e-bay: one-of-a-kind Honda CB900F "factory" Turbo · Help Wanted: find a cheap replacement fuel filter for a Suzuki XN85 Turbo · Letters · Classifieds


SPRING/SUMMER 2000 X-File Photos: Turbo Rally Ten in Pictures · West Coast Turbo Rally News · Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Show in Jefferson: PA's best-kept secret · Home Blown: Honda CB400F Turbo (reprinted from Mechanics magazine, April 1984 · Letters, Classifieds


FALL 2000 Rally in the Valley West Photo Album · Suzuki XN85 Turbo K&N air filter mod · Have bags, will travel: Arlie's custom CX Turbo luggage · Dan Topping's Honda Turbo Parts and Accessories web site is launched · Repairing a Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo frame · Dutch Turbo Rally review · Gold Wing Turbo (reprint from Cycle Guide magazine, May, 1983) · 112 hp XN85 Turbo (reprint from Streetfighters magazine, August, 1998) · Letters, Classifieds


WINTER 2000-2001 Fastest CX650T Turbo in the world? Turbo Tim Boutle of England makes his case · The story behind IHI RHB Turbochargers (corporate brochure reprint) · Paul Driscoll's Yamaha XJ650L Seca Turbo mods · CX Turbo oil-temp dipstick · Upcoming Turbo Rally XII details -- back in ol' Virginy · Turbocharged barstool · Letters · Classifieds


SPRING 2001 Riding the bike that started it all: Z1R-TC Turbo (reprint from Classic Bike magazine, a British publication, June 1999) · Turbo Rally XII news · The Munch Mammut - the first factory-turbocharged bike in 16 years · Turbo Tim's CX650T drag bike update · Where to get your Yamaha Seca XJ650 turbocharger upgraded for more power · Tony Tice's Wild Thing: what you get when you cross a YZ400F with a YSR50 · Letters, Classifieds


SUMMER 2001 2001 Rally in the Valley XII Review, in story and photos · Riding the Suzuki XN85 Turbo at sweet 16 (reprint from Used Motorcycles, a British publication, May/June 1999) · Turbocharged Triumphs by way of Turbo Connection · Letters · Classifieds


FALL 2001 How to replace your Honda Turbo stator (by Colin Goodall) · Honda CX500T air filter mod (by Michael Harrison) · NOSfearatu Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo custom and Michel Pellerin's custom Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo project (both from Lorcan Parcal's web site) · For want of a pin...Yamaha Seca Turbo brake caliper rebuild tip (by Steve Klose) · Honda CX650T part numbers (selected microfiche printouts including stator replacement parts, camchain parts, and fairing parts) courtesy of Paul Hogroian · Rally XIII update · Letters · Classifieds


WINTER 2001/2002 Selected Honda CX650TD Turbo parts numbers - Part II · Unearthed: Yamaha Seca Turbo Service Bulletin - Lubrication System Troubleshooting · Georgia Turbo Rally News · Bruce Enderle's Yamaha XJ650LJ Custom Seca Turbo on the block · Factory Turbo horsepower figures (reprinted from Joe Haile book, Motorcycle Turbocharging, Supercharging and Nitrous Oxide) · Letters · Classifieds


SPRING 2002 Found: Another source for Turbo-bike windshields · Selected Honda CX650TD Turbo parts numbers - Part III · Georgia Turbo Rally Map and news · Future Shock: Honda CX650TD Turbo retrospective (reprinted from Classic Bike Rider, December 2001) · Wally World: GPz750 Turbo drag bike · Letters · Classifieds


SUMMER 2002 Shipping a motorcycle ? the cheap way! · Turbos that never were: Yamaha XJ1100 Turbo (Reprinted from Cycle Canada, March 1981) · Blaylock Turbochargers: a new source for turbochargers rebuilds · Yamaha XJ Electrical Troubleshooting Guide FAQ · Honda CX500T Turbo Diorama · Turbo Rally XIII photos · Letters · Classifieds


Fall 2002 New and improved! Honda Turbo wiring diagrams · ...and it's purple, two: Steve Smith's Yamaha Seca Turbo · Fitting a K&N air filter to your Yamaha Turbo · Save $35 on your next Kawasaki ZX750E Turbo battery · Adjust those carbs properly: making your own Yamaha YICS tool for about $4 · A look back at Turbo Rally XIII · Found on the web: Yamaha XS1100 Turbo Streetfighter · eBay watch: recent Turbos at auction and what they fetched · Letters · Classifieds


Winter 2002/2003 Two Turbos (Yamaha XJ650LJ Seca Turbo and Honda CX500T) in a high-speed shootout! Up against the best of '82 (reprinted from Cycle Canada, August 1982) · Turbo Tim's drag race report: It's been a tough year for Tim and his CX650T · Go, Canada! Make your plans to attend Turbo Rally XIV · Whining Turbos: West Coast Rally XV details · Mike Long's valve adjustment guide: Shims to pushrods · Honda Turbo clutch cable routing tip · Letters · Classifieds


Spring 2003 Spring 2003 Suzuki XN85 front brake fix: getting rid of the spongies (reprinted from Motorcyclist magazine, August 1983) . Rare Kawasaki Turbo model kits: but where are the full-size bikes? . BIKE magazine looks at the Z1R-TC (November 1999) . The custom Kawasaki ZX750E Turbo of Crazy George Dillaway . Turbo Rally XVI preview: On the Trail of the Longhunter . Munch Mammut Turbo news . Letters . Classifieds


Summer 2003 Review: Yamaha 650 Seca Turbo test (a rare reprint from Touring Bike magazine, December, 1982) . Rust never sleeps: Honda CX650T high-speed fuel delivery problems . Z1R-TC Turbo of the Year: Richard Elcoate's Tracy-bodied Kaw Turbo . Turbo Tim's CX650T Race Report . On the Trail of the Longhunter: Turbo Rally XV news . New Tricks for old ATP turbo dogs . Letters . Classifieds


Fall 2003 ISSUE #51: Our farewell issue " Bonneville record-holding Yamaha Seca Turbo " KZ1300 Turbo: the belly of the beasts -- two KZ1300 Turbos found on ebay " ebay Watch: comparing price, value and condition of 8 Turbos up for auction " England swings! Turbo Tim reports on CX Turbo stuff "over there" " Dial "M" for Mammut: Munch Mammut Turbo update " Legendary "Purple Passion" Kaw 750 Turbo for sale? Maybe " Tennessee Turbo Rally News " Letters " Classifieds

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