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Tech Help
1982 Honda CX 500 TC Turbo
1983 Honda CX 650 TD Turbo



If you have read this far, either you now have a greater appreciation for the quirks of our steeds, or you will soon be writing up a classified ad for it! Many people own any given bike only as a relatively short transitory experience, on their way eventually to something bigger and better. Some of these people will own a CXT for such a short duration, that they will never experience the frustration of long-term ownership. Others of these people will experience one or two of the quirks I have written about, fix them, then decide to sell the bike in order to avoid future anticipated grief. And they will be sorry. Every person I have met who has given me the "I used to own one, but I sold it" line has expressed regret at having done so. Yet so be it. And thank you. These are the people who put the Honda Turbos back out on the used market at reasonable prices, feeling guilty to ask more for an exotic yet "trouble-ridden" bike. Ah, but if they only knew that there are those, obsessed, the truly bitten, who would pay so much more. For us, a Honda Turbo is more than just one more toy to play with. We MUST have it! We know there are more modern bikes which are faster in the quarter, have a much higher top speed, handle much better, have more tactile response to the throttle hand, and oh yes, are more reliable. But none can seem to provide the grins-per-mile that the Honda Turbo can. Others don't understand it. Squids scoff at our ancient mounts, citing the negative moto-journalist's reviews of yore. But there is that small core of us who understand the CXT's shortcomings, and embrace them as a challenge, rather than a plague. The intoxicating Turbo rush outweighs all negatives. If need be, we will gladly trade an hour of wrenching for an hour of boosting! It inspires us to roll up our sleeves and intrepidly approach that first fifteen hour shade-tree stator swap just to avoid breaking the bank every 15,000 miles. Others would pay a shop to fix it, then sell the bike and cut their losses. Their experience of the bike is clouded by all it's tangible negatives, while losing sight of its absolutely unique, inimitable seat-of-the-pants thrill. That's all fine, because I'll be there to snatch it up when they get tired of it, to fix it up, love it. Help me! For I have Boosted, and I can't give it up!

\ The Honda Tech-Help articles were written by Ron Graf ( TRBODV8@aol.com ).



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