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1982 Honda CX 500 TC Turbo
1983 Honda CX 650 TD Turbo


CX650T Gasket Kit "A" Error

Included in this kit P/N 061A1-ME7-000 is the camshaft holder gasket. Honda shipped many, many, many of these kits to dealers with the incorrect camshaft holder gasket. The incorrect gasket which Honda used actually fits a CX650 Custom. The CX650 Custom gasket included in the kit has a notch/channel which, when installed on the CX650T, will produce a guaranteed major oil gusher upon engine start-up. Bryce Eckelbarger, bless his soul, brought this to the attention of TMIOA members back in 1992. A full year and a half later I had need of the "A" kit and was shocked to see Honda still peddling defective kits! So do not assume that in 1997 the error must have been corrected. To determine if the gasket in your kit is incorrect, place it on the holder and observe if the form of the material would allow a direct path for oil to exit the engine, then do the same after placing the gasket on the engine. If it appears there is a channel which would seem to allow oil egress, it will, and you have the wrong gasket. Bring it to the attention of your dealer and order the camshaft holder gasket separately. It will all seem pretty obvious once you start taking a look at things. If you have any doubt as to whether the gasket in your kit is correct or not, and the high school drop-out behind the parts counter is of no help, order a camshaft holder gasket separately using P/N 12230-MC7-000. This will yield the correct holder gasket, at which time you can compare it to the one you received in your "A" kit. If they are different, point it out to your dealer. If they are the same, then you have yourself a spare camshaft holder gasket. Ten extra bucks spent acquiring a spare gasket is a welcome alternative to having to tear down your CX650T all over again because of Honda's mistake.


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