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Honda Technical


Honda Tech VHS Video (tape)/DVD


    We've a TMIOA VHS Video (tape)/DVD available for the Turbo faithful. It's a Honda Motor Corporation CX500TC Turbo Turbocharger Analysis and C.F.I. Adjustment Guide video. It was originally made by Honda as a training video for Honda-certified Turbo mechanics and comes to us via the Dutch CX Turbo Club (Honda CX Turbo First Club).

    It starts out with an explanation of the "how and why" Honda engineered the Turbo. It then describes how the turbocharger functions, with a cross section of the turbocharger highlighting all the parts. That's followed by a rundown of all the myriad sensors. The bulk of the video consists of a Honda tech demonstrating -- in detail -- how to test, troubleshoot, and adjust the entire HondaTurbo electronic management, FI, and TC systems. There's also some footage of the CX Turbo on the test track. Not just for Hondas - applies to all FI and turbocharged engines.

This tape was converted from PAL to NTSC then burned to DVD so don't expect HD quality, but it's all there. Run Time: 43 minutes and 15 seconds

The best FI and TC troubleshooting guide on the planet.

Honda FI and TC Tech DVD - $15

Honda FI and TC Tech Video (tape) – $1 (while supplies last)


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