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Merchandise -
Yamaha Track Tests


Yamaha Turbo and XZ550 Vision Track Tests DVD

This is the promotional video supplied to dealers featuring 2 minutes and 10 seconds of the Yamaha Seca Turbo getting flogged on a damp test track - and lapping a Porsche Carrera no less! Complete with requisite blond bombshell (a very young Michelle Pfeiffer) in full-length fur working a stopwatch. A slick piece indeed.

Also in the DVD...
Kenny Roberts wringing the neck of an XZ550 Vision on a desert racetrack. Lots of footage of King Kenny bending effortlessly into turns. A bonus babe sweats it out keeping tabs on Mr. Roberts. But wait, that's not all... a slide show of Yamaha accessories and products circa 1982. Yamaha's hottest bikes decked out in Reagan-era luggage and windscreens.
Run Time: 14 minutes and 2 seconds

Yamaha Turbo and Vision DVD - $15

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