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Turbo Tee Shirts Gallery


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Merchandise – Official TMIOA Tee Shirt


TMIOA Logo T-shirts:


Three-color back with large club logo (see above) and single-color front  with small club logo. A high-quality 50/50 heavyweight blend Hanes shirt. Silk-screened, not ironed-on, for durability. An original design by the club's resident graphics artist and newsletter editor (1995-2003), Steve of IronHorse Graphics <turbosteve84@verizon.net> fame who's original artistic talents have graced all the rally, special event, and Team Turbo apparel. A very cool shirt!


TMIOA Tee Shirt (Large) - $15

TMIOA Tee Shirt (XLarge) - $15

Turbo Tee Shirts Gallery – Most of TMIOA's club, rally, and special events shirts


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