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Round 4 The Allstar Nationals 28-30 August 2004

This was a critical round for TurboTim, after Round 3 I was in second place in my class “Supertwins Modified Street “ STM 21. Barry Gregory was in third place and catching me on the points, for the 5-Round championship. I will keep it brief, during qualifying I did an 11.24 sec run on the second run, and was ahead of Barry, they he did an 11.10 sec run. I decided to change my Nitrous jets to one size bigger .20 instead of .18, to see if I could get my times down. I knew this was a gamble as I tried it earlier in the year and the bike misfired badly and went slower. I should have had two more runs so it was worth trying? I did the run and yes it misfired and I did an 11.70. So I quickly changed the jets back for the final qualifying run. What happened we were rained off, and straight into the elimination runs on Monday.

Because this also put me down a place in qualifying it meant I had to run against Simon, the class leader, instead of Peter, who Barry got and I had beaten in the previous round. Well Monday came, it was very windy, and they dropped bikes back to 1/8 mile, also not good for my bike. I decided just to go for it; off the line I went wheel spinning and me I could not select second gear! It was the third attempt that it went in !!! and needless to say I lost. Now Barry has taken over second place with 570 points, and I am third with 560 points! close call and all now down to the two day final at Santa Pod on the 2nd and 3rd Oct !!

Below is a picture of me from EURODRAGSTER.com in the run off area one handed and NOT a happy bunny. Turbo Tim is very active with the UK Honda Turbo Association. He also does their newsletter. Follow Turbo Tim on Facebook.

Watch this space: TurboTim

August 2005

Turbo Tim is at it again. Here we see his latest project. A Turbo Trike!

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